Takl Discount Code

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Takl is a new chore-on-demand marketplace. Hire for any job, any time. Get 10% off your first Takl booking with the Takl Discount Code 14F7B

Takl Discount Code

Get a cool 10% off your first Takl hiring job when you use the Takl Discount Code 14F7B.

What is Takl?

Good question! Well, quite frankly, Takl is about to change the way you do a lot of things.

You may have heard of apps and websites like Handy, TaskRabbit, or WyzAnt. They all let you hire helpers for a variety of tasks. Most of these sites are focussed on one general type of task. For example, Handy is focussed on cleaning and handyman jobs. TaskRabbit is more about chores and random little tasks. Wyzant is all about learning and tutoring.

Well, Takl covers ALL of those things. All. Of. Them.

When you sign into the Takl app, you will immediately see what I mean. You can start by performing a search for what you want help with. Or, you can just browse through their list of jobs (click on “All Categories”) lower down on the home screen.

Below is a current list of the overarching categories they have, with a few examples of what you might find in the category.

  • Auto, Boat and Cycle (washing, etc)
  • Electronics and Tech (computer help, audio/video system installation)
  • Handyman (fix ALL the things!)
  • Haul Away (get rid of those piles of junk)
  • Home Management (like decorating, helping with the elderly, or installing stuff)
  • Housekeeping
  • Miscellaneous (includes drone photography, and hair/makeup help)
  • Moving Help
  • Music (get lessons, hire a band, fix an instrument)
  • Pets (farm animal care, pet sitting, poop cleanup)
  • Seasonal (snow removal, salting, hanging Xmas lights, wrap gifts)
  • Sports and Fitness (assemble bicycle, learn to dance, get in shape)
  • Yard (clean your pool, wash your driveway, install a porch swing)
  • Custom (anything else you want!)

Visit Takl.com for more info.

How Are Providers Vetted?

Yet another good question! All of the helpers on Takl are background checked. They also have to complete a Takl orientation and on-boarding session. Lastly, customers have to power to rate their providers after the job is complete. So you’ll see a rating next to providers (unless they are brand new) that will help you feel assured they are going to do the job right.

Takl Promo Code for Existing Users

Unfortunately this does not yet exist—so be sure to make the most of your first 10% discount (the 14F7B one). By that I mean, book your most costly chore first, so that the 10% discount is worth more.

But! We’re betting that Takl will offer occasional flash discounts to their current loyal users, so be sure to get on their newsletter. According to their website, 60% of their customers order repeat chores—so it definitely sounds like they have good customer retention and will continue to work to keep it that way.

Stay tuned! We’ll update with more discounts as we find them.