Square Cash Promo

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Square Cash is a money transfer service. It allows you to easily send money between friends, to employees or businesses. Use the Square Cash Promo Code SNMQWVV for $15 free!

Square Cash Promo Code

Be sure to use the Square Cash Promo Code SNMQWVV for $15 free.

When I first downloaded the app, I simply transferred $50 to my girlfriend, who then used it to take me to dinner. As a reward we got $15 free. And now after that simple little trial activity I’m hooked…so obviously their plot worked!

My Square Cash Review

I have actually be a Square user for many years now. I used that cute little white swipe plugin to take payments through my phone. However, recently I discovered a completely new feature that they offer. Square also has a person to person money transfer app called Square Cash.

Square Cash is just like Google wallet, Venmo or Paypal. Easily transfer money to friends or family. The current difference with Cash is that they are offering you $15 bucks just to try out their service. Use the Square Cash promo code SNMQWVV. You have to make a transfer over $50, but with 0 transfer fees, it’s pretty much free money. And hey, you might find you even enjoy using the app!

I have been using the Cash app since my discovery and have found that it is very user friendly and simple to send money. Obviously their $15 free marketing plan is paying off, at least in my case. I am now a convert, and am additionally spreading the word as well!

I think Square Cash will be a big competitor on the money transfer market—watch out Venmo and Google Wallet, you’ve got company!

Use the Square Cash Promo Code: SNMQWVV to get $15 free when you transfer $50!