SkyRoam Discount Code

SkyRoam offers an awesome device that lets you access Wifi and power all over the world, without any messy setup. Plus, get 10% off your purchase with the SkyRoam discount code below:

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SkyRoam Discount Code

This is a fantastic deal on the Skyroam device. The SkyRoam Solis device normally costs $149.99 and comes with 1 free daypass. This discount gets you 10% off the SkyRoam Solis device, and you still get that free daypass! That’s a $15 discount!

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More about SkyRoam

SkyRoam is a pretty unique device. It lets you literally connect to wifi almost anywhere you travel to. There are over 100 countries included in the subscription. Speaking of—you don’t actually need a subscription. You can either pay per day (about $9), or you can pay $99 and get a whole month of wifi included. It’s almost worth just switching your home wifi to use Solis and using it as your one and only wifi device.

Other Features: