Shape Scale Promo Code

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Shape Scale Promo Code

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How Does Shape Scale Work?

To be honest, Shape Scale blows my mind. I’ve been watching the videos and reading all the FAQ, and it’s still so fantastical to me. Basically the gist is that the Shape Scale device scans your body every time you use it. It then creates a 3D image of you, and imports that into the app on your phone. From the app you can then view how your body has changed over time—in each particular area of your body. So you might see that in 2 weeks your belly has shrunk but your biceps have also shrunk—which will help you manage your exercise and diet program.

It even has heat maps to very quickly show you areas where there has been gain, loss and maintenance. If you’re more of a numbers person, it can show you a variety of measurements. Including your body measurements, localized lean mass, localized fat mass, and of course, your weight.

And you can of course set goals and watch visually as you make your way towards them.

I honestly can’t think of a cooler, more rewarding way to work out. For me it’s always been tough trying to lose weight by working out. Mainly because as I lost fat, I also gained muscle. And the scale never changed—which was really discouraging. With the Shape Scale I could have seen that fat was decreasing even if my weight was staying the same. I look forward to checking this product out in person soon!

ps. If you’re looking for a good diet management subscription, try out Noom.

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