Scentbird Coupon Code

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Scentbird is a subscription service for monthly perfumes or colognes, sent straight to your mailbox.

Scentbird Coupon Code

Get 15% off your first month of perfumes or colognes when you visit via this link.

Scentbird Coupon Code : Use promo FAIR15 for 15% off your monthly perfume subscription

My Scentbird Review

I’m not really a cologne type of guy—I generally aim to smell as close to clean laundry as possible. But this looked fun, and I do like getting random packages in the mail, so I at least investigated the site (note: I didn’t purchase yet, but I heard from friends about their experiences).

If you sign up, be sure to use the Scentbird promo code FAIR15, so you only pay like $12.75 for the first month. You should receive your first cologne about 10 days later. It is packaged really nicely.

The second month sends a totally different smell, which you may find nicer or less nice—it’s a surprise! But it should really help you to narrow down what “your scent” should be.

Overall, I’d recommend this if you’re a dude or lady who wants to find a unique smell, but is overwhelmed in the perfume store and needs to really give things a good try before deciding on something. Smells are such an important thing for attraction, so having a really good smell can be the difference between a good date and a great one!

Scentbird Coupon Code : Use promo FAIR15 for 15% off your monthly perfume subscription

Here’s how Scentbird works:

  1. Head on over to Scentbird’s website
  2. Choose whether you want a monthly perfume (women) or cologne (men)
  3. Enter your payment details (it’s $14.95 a month), along with the Scentbird coupon code FAIR15 (for 15% off)
  4. That’s it. Now you can eagerly check your mailbox for your next scent!

The really great part is the value of the perfumes you’re receiving. You’re paying about half of what they would cost in a store (less on the first month with the Scentbird coupon code), and you’re getting to try such a great range in order to find what scent really suits you before taking the final plunge and buying a large bottle.