Sailo Referral Code

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Sailo is a boat peersharing service. Rent a boat (and a captain) by the half day, day or week! Use the Sailo referral code WONDE1 for $100 towards your first rental.

Visit to learn more.

Sailo Referral Code

Get $100 in free boat rental credits when you sign up with the Sailo referral code WONDE1.

Code must be entered during signup. There’s some tiny text at the bottom of the account registration box that says “Referral Code” that you have to click to expand.

What is Sailo?

Sailo is a way to rent a boat for a little while. You can rent it by the half day, day or even for a week or more. You can also optionally rent a captain with the boat, if you don’t know how to drive it yourself.

Currently it looks like there are some boats listed there in most water-connected cities around the USA. We found a ton of options near us in Los Angeles (in the marina). It looks like they can be rented out for evening cruises, trips to nearby coastal cities, or even out to Catalina!

We’re pretty excited to give it a whirl and will update this post with a Sailo review once we have!

Sailo Promo Code Details

The Sailo Promo Code WONDE1 can be used during signup to score an intial $100 credit. You can use the $100 towards any boat rental. You can also earn additional Sailo credits by sharing your own Sailo referral code with your friends and followers. Who knows, if you play your cards right, you might even be able to start sailing for free!