Riu Hotels Discounts

Riu Hotels offer great vacations at great prices. But if you sign up for Giving Assistant before making your RiuHotels purchase, you’ll get an instant $5 and then 6% cashback on your Riu Hotels purchases. Click here to activate your 6% cashback Riu Hotels discount.

Giving Assistant AdRiu Hotels Discount

This is sorta a neat way to get cash back at multiple sites. Simply sign up for Giving Assistant and install their little widget in your internet browser. You’ll get $5 right off the back for signing up. Then when you purchase anything on RiuHotels.com you’ll receive 6% as cash back. Sign up here for 6% cash back + $5 deal.


How does Giving Assistant Work?

Basically Giving Assistant wants to get credit for when you visit a website and make a purchase. They are paid a commission by the website (RiuHotels.com in this case). It’s a small percentage of the final purchase price. So if you spend $100, Giving Assistant might get 8% commission on that sale. But! The cool thing is, Giving Assistant is passing on most of those earnings back to you. So they might give you 6% of the cash that they’d earned, and keep only 2% for themselves.

This is a win-win for both Giving Assistant and for you—you are using their links when you normally wouldn’t have, and they are getting you a nice little cash back that works instead of an upfront Riu Hotels discount.

That RuHotels Discount Again

Be sure to sign up for Giving Assistant here, and install their little browser widget. Then, when you visit RiuHotels.com, there will be a little popup showing you how to get your 6% cashback Riu Hotels discount!

Once your purchase has been approved, up to 6% cash back, plus $5 will be deposited into your Giving Assistant account. You can redeem it at any time!