Revolar Coupon Code

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The Revolar device is an innovative new way to keep your loved ones alerted to your safety and whereabouts.

Revolar Coupon Code

Get 25% off your order when you use the Revolar Coupon Code HAPPY25. So this will get you $15 off if you’re purchasing the (regularly $60) Revolar Original.

Revolar Coupon Code: Get 25% off with the code HAPPY25

What is the Revolar Device?

The Revolar device is a nifty little single-button object that you can wear or carry with you. It connects to your phone, where you can program in your important contacts. Whenever you feel it necessary, you can press the button on the device once to let your contacts know your GPS location and that you’re safe and sound. A second press alerts your contacts that something is wrong or you feel uncomfortable. Three presses alerts your contacts that it is an emergency situation, and they should send emergency services to your location.

Who is the Revolar Device Best For?

There are a ton of great applications for the Revolar device. Here are just a couple of instances we thought of that might be a good way to use it.

  • Your kids as they walk home from school
  • For an elderly person in case they have a medical problem or fall
  • A young woman running through a dodgy neighborhood
  • For your teenage children at a party
  • Your significant other as they travel abroad
  • For your long commute just to check in with your partner without having to text

More Revolar Details

Normally the Revolar Orignal is priced at $59.99, but goes down to $44.99 with the Revolar coupon code HAPPY25. You can order it in Black or Teal.

There is also a new version of the device, called the Revolar Instinct. It looks like it’s smaller and is on a keychain, so it’s even easier to carry with you at all times.

Both devices additionally track your steps, so you can keep track of your workout goals while staying safe.