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Remitly is the best new way to transfer money between the US, Mexico, the Philippines, and India. Sign up here and lock in the best money transfer rate.

Remitly Promo Code: FREE $40 Amazon Gift Card

Get a bonus from Remitly when you sign up via this referral link and make a transfer over $50.

Remitly Promo Code

Seriously, folks. This is a good one. After you complete your first Remitly money transfer (over $50), you get a $40 Amazon gift card. Plus, you can earn extra gift cards by referring friends to Remitly. The potential earnings are pretty sweet.

Remitly Discount for Existing Users:
Aka, Other Money Transfer Services Like Remitly

If you’ve already used Remitly, you can still get bonuses using one of these money transfer services:

My Remitly Review

I’ve used Transferwise in the past a ton—it’s an amazing way to transfer money around the world. They also have a sweet intro deal, where you can get a free transfer the first time you do it.

BUT! Remitly is the next best thing. It’s great if you want to send money to India, transfer money to Mexico, or send money to Philippines. I do those things a lot, so it was a breeze for me to do a Remitly review.

It’s easy to get started. First, head over to Remitly (you’ll get that $40 Remitly promo code). Set up an account—you’ll be walked through the process. Choose your destination country, add bank details, and finally view the currency conversion details. You will find that the rates are super competitive. Also, you aren’t running into any hidden fees like you might with a bank wire transfer.

Remitly Promo Code and Coupon Code: Get $40 free plus read our Remitly Review!

Confirm the details are correct and your money is on its way! It should only take a few days to arrive at its destination. Plus, once you’ve sent your first money transfer over $100, that sweet $40 Amazon gift card will be yours. It’s sent in the form of a gift card code (via email) to enter into

You can also use the Remitly App

Let us know how you get on with using Remitly for the first time, and how long it takes for them to get you your gift card. Also, if you’ve used a different money transfer service, let us know how you like that one!

And don’t forget to use a Remitly Referral link to earn that gift card!

Remitly Promo Code: Get a free $40 gift card with your first money transfer, plus read our Remitly Review!


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