Purple Carrot Review

Purple Carrot is a delightful vegan home cooking / meal delivery service. Get $25 off your first order when you use this link!

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Purple Carrot Reviews

There are two different Purple Carrot plans. The Perfect Pair feeds 2 people, and costs $68 per week (for 3 meals). A Whole Bunch feeds 4 people, and costs $74 per week (for 2 meals).

The Perfect Pair

I feel Purple Carrot is a good way to learn vegan cooking a bit better, especially if you’re transitioning. The Perfect Pair sends 3 meals per week, for two people.

See our Purple Carrot Discount Code and read Purple Carrot Reviews!You can see the Purple Carrot weekly menu on this page to get a feel for what they send. The recipes are really unique and fun to cook. The ingredients all arrive really fresh. You can spread the 3 meals out throughout the week. One extra little bonus about plant-based meal delivery is that there isn’t any meat to spoil. The veggies stay fresh a decent amount of time, so you don’t have to rush into the cooking. Cook when you want!

I really loved the idea behind Purple Carrot, so we’ll be subscribing soon!

A Whole Bunch

My family could always use a little healthy eating (or a lot). We aren’t generally plant based. But I’m always open to trying new things, especially when it’s healthy. So for my Purple Carrot review I checked out the details of the “A Whole Bunch” plan for a family of four.

The plan gets you 2 meals per week that feed four people (two adults two kids). I like how easy the recipes sound. They are generally pretty quick, and they always sound nice and fresh. I’m hoping we wouldn’t feel heavy after eating them.

Purple Carrot Promo Code

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