Pulsd Promo Code

Puls’d is a NYC app that helps you find unique venues for food and experiences around the city. Get $5 free credit when you use the Pulsd promo code: 469308.

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Get $5 free with code: 469308

Pulsd Promo Code

This To get the $5 Pulsd promo code deal, use the code: 469308.

Additionally, once you’re signed up, you can earn more credits by sharing your own Pulsd coupon code link with your friends. Each time someone signs up and places an order, you get $5 additional credit!

What Kind of Events Can you Book through Puls’d?

A better question would probably be: what can’t you book through Pulsd? Puls’d has a huge variety of different events, at discounted prices. There are definitely a ton of food options, including full-course meals as well as simple discounts on a couple of delicious tacos. Much like Groupon, you can also find lots of different spa options, and tourist-type events, like sunset dinners on a ferry.

In terms of events, you can find things like themed bar nights, art galleries, movie screenings, and more.

You can even find fitness events, or sign up to meet certain celebrities. Overall I’d say Puls’d is sorta like a more unique, more location-specific version of Groupon.

How to get a $5 Pulsd Coupon Code

Be sure to initially sign up for Pulsd using a referral code like: 469308.  It will automatically add a $5 discount to your account that you can use for any Pulsd booking.