Puffer Box Coupon

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Puffer Box offers really awesome monthly cannabis accessory subscriptions. Plus, get $3 off your first box when you enter the Puffer Box Coupon Code HAPPY3 during checkout.

Puffer Box Coupon Code

PufferBox offers a small discount if you enter the Puffer Box coupon HAPPY3 during checkout. You’ll be able to see the discount applied right away after you hit “Apply Coupon”.

Puffer Box Coupon Code: Use HAPPY3 for $3 off your cannabis box subscription

You can click here to visit the site and order.

What is Puffer Box?

So, unfortunately it still isn’t legal to mail you cannabis products directly, unless it’s medical (which you can get here at TrueFarma, includes a 25% discount). So Puffer Box currently is a cannabis accessories subscription.

In each box, you will receive a plethora of awesome accessories and tools for all your smoking needs. So you might get a pipe, rolling papers, a grinder, some cones, an ashtray, candy (gotta love candy), and more. Each box has 5-8 items in it, and arrives monthly. Starts at only $23/month, plus $3.99 shipping (which is very discrete).

You can check out all their past boxes on their site to get a really good feel for what a single box might bring. Or, just hit buy and get ready to be surprised. If you’re a regular smoker, we think you’ll really like it.

And if you aren’t really a big subscription person—you can check out the Puffer shop for the ability to purchase many of the past items that have been sent. No subscription required, just buy single items and create your own perfect box!

Again, that PufferBox Coupon Code

Don’t forget to visit PufferBox.com and enter the Pufferbox coupon code HAPPY3 during the checkout process. It’s only a $3 discount, but every bit counts!