Promo Direct Coupon Code

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Promo Direct offers a wide array of different promotional items for your business. Plus, get 10% off when you visit this link and use the Promo Direct coupon code AJ10.

Promo Direct Coupon Code

Be sure to visit the Promo Direct site using this referral link. Then, you can enter the promo code AJ10 to seal the deal with your 10% discount.

What Products are Available on Promo Direct?

I think a better question would probably be, what products are not available on Promo Direct? I took a pretty thorough gander of their website, and it seems like anything you can brand and use for promotion, they have. If you’re so inclined, you can even put your branding on a tape measure (that has a leveling device)!

If you are into toys, you can put your branding on a teddy bear, a nerf gun, a frisbee or even cute piggy banks.

And of course there are all the classic promotional items available—clothing, stationary, bags, pens, cups, etc etc.

It’s actually kinda crazy how little you can pay for branded items, if this site is anything to go by. For a white mug with your logo on it, you can end up paying as little at $0.96 per piece (if you buy a crap load, granted). But even at a lower quantity, you’re still spending less than $1.50 per item.

Promo Direct Promo Code Details

To score the Promo Direct promo code deal, you must enter the code AJ10 during checkout. Visit this link to find the promo code box.