Poshmark Invite Code

Poshmark is a fun and easy way to buy and sell fashion items on your phone, like clothing or jewelry. Use the Poshmark Invite Code FREETEN for $10 off right away.

Poshmark Coupon Code

Use the invite code FREETEN for $10 off at Poshmark.

Many items offer free shipping. So with this Poshmark coupon you could end up getting a small item absolutely free!

My Poshmark Review

I ordered a couple of shirts off of Poshmark as a little test, because the whole thing intrigued me greatly. It essentially appears to be craigslist, but made fancy and easier to navigate. Oh and also for clothing, rather than furniture.

The shirts themselves cost $11 and $13, and both came with free shipping. Each item on Poshmark is sold by individuals (like a yard sale sorta), so the person is in charge of pricing, photos and shipping.

You can even make an offer on an item, but want it for cheaper than it’s listed (just like craigslist or a yard sale). I didn’t bother, as the shirts were well-priced to begin with. Plus, I used the Poshmark promo code  FREETEN and ended up paying so little for the whole thing.

The first shirt arrived within 2 days (yes, insane!), and the second one arrived 2 days after that. Overall people on there seem very quick and responsive, so it’s pretty fun. The best part to me is that if I decide I don’t really like the shirts, I can go ahead and sell them again on the same place!

How Poshmark Works

  1. Head on over to Poshmark.com or download their mobile app
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Find stuff you like, add it to your card
  4. Be sure to enter Poshmark coupon code FREETEN during checkout
  5. Pay, and wait for your awesome new fashion items!

I haven’t sold on Poshmark yet so I can’t help with that aspect, so if you know the details just leave a comment. Thanks!

Again, use the Poshmark Invite Code FREETEN for $10 off !