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PetFlow Promo Code for $10, plus a PetFlow review of California Natural Dog Food!

PetFlow offers the best in dog and cat food, treats and products. Products include dog food delivery, cat food delivery, California Natural dog food, and more!

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PetFlow Coupon Code: Get $10 off

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PetFlow Promo Code: Get $10 off with this PetFlow Coupon Code!

PetFlow Review

PetFlow Dog Food Delivery and Cat Food Delivery : A review!PetFlow’s Dog Food Delivery and Cat Food Delivery

If you think you read that incorrectly, you’re wrong. It’s sorta what it sounds like–food delivery for cats and dogs. Sorta like Munchery or HelloFresh…but for pets!

For my PetFlow review I specifically wanted to do an overview of the PetFlow food delivery box. I did not order a box, but poured over tons of other reviews on other reputable sites.

You can see how it arrives in the image to the right—very cute! Just like any of my other subscriptions from Vinyl Me Please, Fair Ivy, HelloFresh, or Loot Crate. But for this one you generally select the items inside, so you know your pet is going to be happy.

I love the way it arrived and is presented. I’ve heard that people’s dogs start to freak out when the mailman comes now, but in a good way. They think their PetFlow box is in there!

California Natural Dog Food

This is a bit of strange concept, as PetFlow is actually located in New York. But a lot of people do searches for California Natural dog food, and I wanted to mention PetFlow as an ideal option for these pet owners.

All of PetFlow’s products are top top quality and perfect for keeping your pet healthy. Plus, PetFlow ships fast, easy, and cheap. In fact, shipping is free over $49! So it doesn’t matter that it’s coming from NY. Save yourself a visit to an expensive pet store, and just shop online at Plus use this PetFlow promo code for $10 off instantly.

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PetFlow Promo Code: Get $10 off with this PetFlow Coupon Code!