Perk TV Referral Code

The Perk TV app lets you earn gift cards by watching videos, playing trivia, and other simple tasks! Get 50 Points when you use the PerkTV referral code ae9ecd43 during registration.

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Perk TV Referral Code / Coupon Code

This is a super sweet deal, as you don’t even have to do anything to instantly score these 50 points. Just enter the Perk TV referral code ae9ecd43 during signup. Then you can get started earning more points on the Perk TV rewards app!

Perk TV Referral Code: Use code ae9ecd43 for 50 free points on the mobile rewards app PerkTV!

My Perk TV Review

I will admit that I was suckered into doing the Perk TV Rewards Review. I didn’t want to at first, because it sounded like a tv subscription app. Since I am already signed up for Netflix and Hulu Plus, it sounded like another one of those!

But! I was glad I did the Perk TV review after all, because that’s not what the Perk App is in the slightest! It’s actually just a mobile rewards app—a great little way to earn gift cards for doing simple tasks. Mainly watching videos and completing little trivia games. Most of them are only a few minutes long, so can be done while waiting for the bus, etc. They turn it into a game, and I can tell I’ll be addicted soon.

Perk TV Referral Code: Use code ae9ecd43 for 50 free points on the mobile rewards app Perk TV Rewards App!

You can quite quickly earn $50 gift cards to a variety of different stores. Amazon and HomeDepot gift cards are even on there! My absolute favorites! So I’m very happy with the app, and plan to keep using it, even though my review is done!

Definitely give PerkTV a go, as it’s super simple and fun to play around with. Don’t forget the Perk TV App bonus points code below!

Get an instant 50 Points when you use the PerkTV coupon code ae9ecd43 during registration!