ParkWhiz Promo Code

ParkWhiz Promo code deal : Get 10% off with ParkWhiz Coupon FAIRGIFTS

ParkWhiz is a parking spot reservation app and website. Quickly and easily locate parking spots and reserve them ahead of time, in cities all over the US.

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ParkWhiz Review

To some people in nice calm towns, this app may sound completely ridiculous. Why pay for parking when I can roll on up and park my car anywhere, for free?

Ha, I say.

Try parking in New York or San Francisco. Or Los Angeles and Chicago. It can be an absolute nightmare, and you can end up spending $50 out of mere frustration.

I learned about ParkWhiz last time I was in San Francisco. I was meeting some friends for dinner in a busy area, and had such a nightmare finding parking. When I got there my friends explained ParkWhiz to me.

I visited the app, and entered the ParkWhiz promo code FAIRGIFTS as they’d instructed. It looks like I could have reserved a spot about a block from the restaurant (that’s pretty insane for SF).

I think this would also come in super handy on business—especially if your business expenses can be written off, or paid for by your company. Then you are gaining confidence in your timeliness, and confidence that you won’t have gnawed off your fingernails in anger by the time you rock up at your meeting.

ParkWhiz Promo code deal : Get 10% off with ParkWhiz Coupon FAIRGIFTS

Here’s how ParkWhiz works:

  1. Head on over to the ParkWhiz website, or download their app
  2. Create an account, and be sure to enter ParkWhiz Promo Code FAIRGIFTS for that fancy 10% off
  3. Enter the location you’re looking to park in, and the times you want.
  4. The app will show you everywhere that is available, as well as the pricing.
  5. Simply select a parking spot and book it, right there in the app or website. You can cancel the reservation without a charge, up to the exact reservation time (talk about last-minute planning!)
  6. Head on over to your parking spot at your reservation time, and park with ease!

See where ParkWhiz is available on this page. 

Get the ParkWhiz App:

The 10% ParkWhiz coupon ends up adding up to quite a lot, especially if you are one of those people looking for a monthly parking arrangement. I’ve already saved something like $40 with it (granted that means I spent a lot on parking, but I would have anyway and hey, it’s a business expense)!