Overnight Discount Code

Get $25 Off With Our Overnight Promo Code

Get $25 Off With Our Overnight Promo Code

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The Overnight app is like Airbnb, but for last minute bookings. Plus, get $25 off when you use the promo code LUCYF8294.

Overnight Discount Code

Be sure to use the Overnight discount code LUCYF8294 to get a $25 discount on your first night’s stay.
Plus, you can earn additional credits in increments of $25 when you refer your own friends to try out the app for the first time!

Overnight vs Airbnb

Overnight is very similar to Airbnb, in that you can book stays with local residents, rather than hotels. This can be really fun because it gives you a chance to meet locals of the area. Usually hosts are more than happy to give you insider recommendations for where to eat or where to go. You usually have some sort of access to kitchen facilities, which can help save some money on food.

Plus, if you’re lucky you’ll be staying at one where they let you borrow bikes or something else for exploring!

The main difference between Airbnb and Overnight used to be that Overnight was just for booking last-minute dates. However, now it appears that Overnight can be used to book stuff in the future (the near future, but still).

Again, that Overnight Promo Code Deal

Don’t miss out on getting $25 off your first stay when you use the Overnight discount code LUCYF8294

Use the Overnight App Promo Code LUCYF8294 for $25 discount code off your first booking!