Noom Promo Code details (Noom Diet app)

The Noom App helps you get healthy. There are various sections to help in all areas: Noom diet, Noom Walk Pedometer, and the Noom Weight Loss Coach. Plus, click here to view any Noom Promo Code deals available at the moment.

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Is there a Noom Promo Code?

Noom Promo Code: View available discounts for the Noom App

We looked around for a Noom Promo Code. As of writing this post, there was a $15 discount per month. Click here to visit, click “Learn More” and you’ll see the discount available.

The Noom subscription for individuals usually costs $60 per month (for individuals), but is currently on offer for $45 per month. Sign up through this link. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee, so it’s a no-stress trial.

Noom App Review

Below we have consolidated Noom app reviews from various reliable sites, to give you a birds-eye view of the Noom apps (note: we haven’t actually subscribed or placed an order). We break the review down into two sections, for the two Noom apps available.

Noom Walk Pedometer App

The Noom Walk Pedometer is a stand alone app. It’s available both on the Google and iTunes stores, and is free!

You don’t have to be a Noom subscriber to use this app, which is awesome. It basically just records how many steps you walk each day, helps you create and achieve goals, and support other walkers. And they’ll support you as well (with high fives)!

The great thing about the app is that it doesn’t drain your battery at all. It relies on your phone’s existing pedometer function.

Noom Diet App Review & the Noom Walk App Review

Noom Coach: Health and Weight App

This app is the one that is tied to the Noom subscription. You can download the app for free, but to receive all the benefits, you should be a Noom subscriber (sign up here).

Noom Weight Loss Coach ReviewNoom Diet

The main feature of the Noom diet section is their food catalogue. You can enter the foods you eat into your food diary, and calculate the calories, nutrients, fats, and more.

Noom Weight Loss Coach Review

The app mentioned above is free, but to receive a one-on-one coach you must subscribe to Noom. This gives you access to a coach who will tailor a plan just for you. They’ll also provide feedback and encouragement during your journey.