NetSpend Promo Code

NetSpend is a prepaid debit card. Get $20 free when you sign up with the a NetSpend promo code link like this one.

Note: You must load $40 onto the card in order to receive the bonus.

NetSpend Promo Code

Be sure to sign up with the NetSpend promo code link located here to score $20 in free cash directly put onto your NetSpend card. You just have to use the promo code during signup to get the deal.

Plus, once you’re a member you can get your own NetSpend coupon code (on the Refer Friends page) and share it with friends. Every time one of them signs up, activates their card, and then loads money onto it—you get $20 additional cash!

NetSpend Details

NetSpend will issue you a debit card that you can prepay and use at anywhere that accepts credit cards. However—be sure to take good note of their fees, as it costs money to use the card (whereas a regular bank debit card or credit card is free). So it only makes sense if you are unable to get a regular debit card another way in my opinion. Or if you are super good at promotion and can earn free cash on the card that way!