My Billie Discount Code

My Billie is a great new subscription company for women’s razors (and other body care products). Plus, you can earn up to $20 in credits when you sign up for the site here. 

Get up to $20 in free My Billie credit

Get up to $20 in free My Billie credit

This link works like a My Billie Discount Code. You’ll see how the Pink tax rebate program works when you visit the referral link.

About My Billie

My Billie has awesome razor and body care products that mean you’ll never need to go to the store for razors again! You should start by purchasing a Starter kit, which is $9 and consists of a Billie handle, the mag(net)ic holder and two 5-blade razor cartridges. After that, MyBillie delivers four
replacement blade cartridges for $9.

Never worry about running out of sharp razors, body care products, or having to use low-quality ones. My Billie has you covered!

Dont Forget Your My Billie Discount Code (via referral)

Again, be sure to learn about earning $20 in credit through the My Billie Discount Code program on the Pink Tax Rebate page here.


More about the Pink Tax Rebate

Basically MyBillie thinks its unfair that women get taxed on items that you have to buy if you’re a woman. Like tampons or razors! So to combat this unfairness, they started a referral program called the Pink Tax Rebate. Basically, you refer your friends to MyBillie, and when they sign up using your My Billie promo code link, you earn anywhere from $5-20. Then they’ll receive their own MyBillie discount code that they can share with their friends and family. And then they can earn too!
It’s an awesome win-win!

My Billie Discount Code | Get up to $20 in MyBillie credit through the referral program here!