Milk and Eggs Discount Code

Milk and Eggs is a service that will deliver farm fresh groceries to your door. Plus, get 40% off your first order when you sign up via a referral link like this one. The link works in lieu of a Milk and Eggs discount code.

Milk and Eggs Discount Code

Get 40% off your first order when you sign up for an account at this link.

Milk and Eggs Discount Code: Get a 40% discount on your first order

It works as part of their rewards program—current customers can refer their own friends and followers and earn 500 points (valued at $5) when they make their first purchase. So once you’ve signed up for your own account and placed your first order, you can also share and earn. Get 10 friends to sign up and purchase and you’ve earned $50 in free grocery money!

What is Milk & Eggs?

Milk & Eggs is a service that brings farm fresh food straight to you. Simply order as you would from any online grocery store, and press buy. Your groceries are then taken straight from the farm (same day) to be sorted at a warehouse, and then delivered straight to your door the very next day. Prices are reasonable because they have cut out many of the normal middle men, and have lowered delivery emissions.

As of now, Milk & Eggs is currently only serving Los Angeles—but it’s a huge area of Los Angeles, basically the whole county.

Milk and Eggs Coupon Code

The best way to get a discount on your first order is not through a Milk and Eggs coupon code, but rather through a friend referral link. Use this 40% discount link to sign up for an account. Then you can buy as much as you want and get 40% off everything. Pretty nuts!

Also, be sure to check out the Milk and Eggs reward program once you have an account. You can earn extra points (which turn into actual discounts) by doing things like posting on Twitter, sharing on facebook, liking on Facebook, following on Instagram, having a birthday, or sharing with friends. With a couple minutes it’s pretty easy to earn an extra $2-3 discount on your orders.