Mezi App: Promo Code and Review!

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Mezi is the future of online shopping. Use the Mezi App as your personal shopping assistant, and find the best deals on anything—from clothing, events, travel, and more!

$15 Mezi App Promo Code

Use this link to start your Mezi app download and your account will automatically be credited with $15 to use towards anything at all that you put the Mezi shopping assistant to find. Clicking on the link before you download the app is the only way to activate this credit!

Mezi App Promo Code: Get $15 free plus read our Mezi App Reviews

Mezi App Review

The Mezi app could not have come into my life at a better time. I’m beyond busy with work, some side projects, and the number of friends getting married this year in random countries (yes, I’m crazy and plan to attend them) is through the roof.

So the appearance of Mezi was a lifesafer. Mezi is a personal shopping assistant app that allows you to request anything—from online shopping items like clothing or housewares, to event tickets, to suggestions on gift ideas when you’re clueless, to entire travel itineraries (hotel, flight, car rental, adventure activities). I mean, what?! Sign me up. So I did (through this link, which gets you $15 credit).

I started my Mezi App review with something small to test out the waters. I had the Mezi personal shopping assistant(s) find me some new running shoes, based on what type of running shoe had worked for me in the past. The running shoe people are always changing up the name of the style so you can’t get the same shoe a couple years later (sneaky sneaky), so it’s a bit of a struggle.

The Mezi people found my perfect shoe, and a great great deal on it too! I haven’t yet purchased, but I plan to soon. Can’t wait!

Mezi App: Your Personal Shopping Assistant. Get $15 free with our Mezi App coupon code link, plus read our Mezi App reviews

My next test through Mezi will be to book some travel. I haven’t yet graduated to booking a flight with them (coming very soon), but I had them find me a really nice hotel in Santa Barbara for a weekend with my girlfriends. We gave the parameters (has to be within x distance to a dinner place, three bedrooms, etc etc) and within hours we had our answer, at a fantastic deal.

Thanks Mezi! I’ll be back again and again very soon!

Things you can buy using the Mezi App’s Personal Shopping Assistant:

  • New sneakers
  • A gift for mother’s day (Mezi can help you decide what to get)
  • Flights (find the best deal and route!)
  • Events (e.g. “What’s a good event to go to tonight that is under $100?”)
  • Hotels (have Mezi coordinate your entire trip)

Find the Mezi App for iPhone:

This is a brand new future that is starting now—try using the Mezi App to increase your productivity! What amazing things could you get done when you don’t need to spend your day fussing with silly things like figuring out travel logistics or finding a gift for your aunt’s birthday? Try the Mezi App and get a $15 discount by clicking here