Medical Marijuana Santa Cruz Dispensaries

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In Santa Cruz? Looking for Santa Cruz dispensaries or Cannabis doctors in Santa Cruz? Read on to learn about the weed delivery company Eaze, how to get a virtual cannabis doctor’s recommendation, and how to get $20 credit to Medical Marijuana Santa Cruz dispensaries deliveries. Or you can click here to get the $20 free right away from Eaze.

Medical Marijuana Santa Cruz: Get $60 free

First off: Forget about physically going to a dispensary. It’s the future, people. It’s all about delivery these days!

Eaze weed delivers all over Santa Cruz. It’s literally like Uber, but for weed.

To order: Head onto, fill your basket with all the medical marijuana products you want, and checkout. Be sure to use the Eaze code on that page for $20 in credit.

Cannabis Doctors in Santa Cruz CA: Do it Virtually!

Cannabis Dispensary Santa Cruz CA: Plus get a Doctor's RecThere’s a new way to find Cannabis doctors in Santa Cruz CA. Basically: You don’t need to go anywhere to find them.

With Eaze weed delivery, you can do a virtual doctor’s appointment in about 5 minutes on EazeMD. The doctor will videochat with you for 3-5 minutes. At the end you’ll be issued an instant virtual recommendation. You can use this virtual rec on Eaze’s website immediately. Bam.

And! They will also mail you a physical cannabis doctor’s rec, which you’ll receive within a week. You can use the physical rec to visit dispensaries in Santa Cruz, or on other weed delivery websites (view all the ones in your area at

Santa Cruz Dispensaries & Delivery Companies

If you’re still set on doing things the old-fashioned way, who are we to stop you?

Find a physical cannabis dispensary in Santa Cruz CA at They’re a great go-to place for all physical locations of dispensaries. We love them and use them when we want to go in for our products. But most of the time, we’re using Eaze.

Again, click here to get an Eaze promo code for $20 in cannabis product credit. Delivered to your door.


Medical Marijuana Santa Cruz: Get $60 to Santa Cruz Dispensaries with our Eaze discount link (plus get a doctor's rec in CA!)