MealMade Promo Code

MealMade delivers gluten-free, organic, paleo meals to anyone in SF. Plus, click here to get your first meal FREE ($15 credit).

MealMade Promo Code

Score an instant $15 credit—enough for your first meal for free—when you sign up for MealMade using a referral link like this one.

MealMade Promo Code: Get $15 off your first meal!

Additionally, once you’re signed up for the service, you can earn additional free meals and credits by referring your own friends and followers!

What is MealMade?

MealMade SF is a food delivery service. But it’s a very specialized one. All the meals are not only gluten-free, but also 100% organic and paleo-friendly. So if you’re having trouble with dieting or finding delicious gluten-free options, MealMade might be a good choice.

You can order meals on demand for either lunch or dinner, or you can even schedule your meals in advance. It is currently only available during the weekdays in San Francisco, but that should be enough to help you get through a busy work week without breaking your diet!

Some Other Little TidBits about MealMade

We have learned some useful pieces of information that might be helpful to reference before you order:

  • Delivery is $4.95 to all of SF. However, if you are near their pickup center, you can pick up for free.
  • Lunch delivers between 10:30-2pm, and dinner delivers between 4:30-8:30pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Packaging is almost completely recyclable or compostable. Yay!
  • Most ingredients are sourced locally. Double yay!

There is a bunch more to know, but that should get you started. They surprisingly don’t seem to have a mobile app yet, but I’m sure that is in the works. For now, their site is very mobile friendly. They’re additionally growing, so are always looking for great new hires if you’re on the hunt for a great new job.

We’d love to hear your feedback about MealMade below. Let us know what you liked, didn’t like, or some information you learned that we didn’t share here! PS. you can also share your own MealMade promo code link if you like!