Max Delivery Coupon Code

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Max Delivery is an awesome online grocer that delivers weekly groceries to residents in New York City!

Max Delivery Coupon Code

Get $20 off your first grocery delivery order with the MaxDelivery coupon code FREECRED9032.

This Max Delivery coupon code gives you a HUGE discount—$20 whole dollars off! That’s pretty crazy, and is one of the better discounts for online grocery stores that I’ve found.

Max Delivery Review

I’ve used FarmBox a bunch in the past, with great results. But I’m always open to trying new things, so decided to volunteer for the Max Delivery review.

To get started, I headed over to (using the Max Delivery promo code FREECRED9032 for $20 free credit) and signed up for an account. It’s pretty easy to check if you’re in the delivery zone—they currently serve Brooklyn and Manhattan. I sadly wasn’t in the zone, so my review is based purely on the experience of friends.

Once you’re signed up, just go shopping! They have all the items you’d find in a normal grocery store—produce, bakery items, meat, dairy, baked bread, wines and beer, cleaning supplies—you name it, they got it! The goal is to try and replace your weekly visits to the grocery store with a one-time order from Max Delivery each week.

Max Delivery Promo Code + MaxDelivery Grocery Delivery Review

With a $20 discount (from the coupon code FREECRED9032) you could get stuff pretty cheap. A good chunk of the items were actually cheaper than at the local grocery store.

Next you schedule a delivery time, and an awesome, ice-pack box arrives at that time. I’ve heard that all the produce and meat was super great quality—probably better than at the grocery stores nearby.

I’d definitely recommend giving this a chance—especially if you’re hard-pressed for time (crazy work hours, new mom, etc).