Lyft Modesto

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Lyft Modesto is a great way to get around the city. Use the Lyft Modesto promo code WNY for $50 in credits, or click here. You can also use Uber Modesto and get a $20 discount with the promo code UBERHOTVALUE.

Lyft Modesto: $50 Rider Credits

Be sure to use the Lyft Modesto promo code  WNY for $50 in rider credits. You can use these all around town, or in any other city in the US that Lyft operates (that’s most cities)!

Lyft Modesto Promo Code: Use RIDE411 for $50 in credits!

Uber Modesto

If you’ve already used up all your Lyft credits, try out Uber next! Use the Uber Modesto promo code UBERHOTVALUE to get $20 off your first ride.

Uber Modesto Promo Code: Use HBX1ARSQUE for $20 off!

Become a Rideshare Driver in Modesto

Both Lyft and Uber are always looking for more drivers—in fact, they sorta compete for drivers. You can take advantage of this! If you’re looking to sign up to become a rideshare driver in Modesto, here’s what you should do.

1. Start by signing up to be an Uber Driver. Use this link to qualify for a killer signup bonus (around $300 usually).

2. Complete something like 40 Uber rides (to get your bonus). This will also show Lyft (see next step) that you’re serious about rideshare driving!

3. Sign up to drive for Lyft using this link. They like to try and steal Uber drivers, so offer big bonuses if you can prove you were a serious Uber driver. Sometimes up to $2000!

Rideshare Driver Modesto: Get a Lyft Driver Bonus!

Again, those Rider Codes

If you’re looking to ride around Modesto, don’t forget to use the following codes to score rider credits:

Lyft:  WNY for $50 in credits

Uber: UBERHOTVALUE for $20 in credits

Have fun! You can also check out BeMyDD for a final unique option (they drive your car, so you can drink)!