Lyft Free Rides Code 2019

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Lyft has an awesome Lyft Free Rides Code 2018 deal. New riders, use the code WNY for 10 FREE rides!

Signing up as a Lyft driver? Use this link (or referral code TOP50to get a huge signup bonus.

RIDERS: Lyft Free Rides Code 2018

If you’re using Lyft as a Rider, we have your Lyft Free Rides Codes 2018. Simply download the app and in the Promotions section enter the code  WNY. It will give you 10 free rides, each worth $5—so that’s $50 total credit.

Are you a driver? Scroll down for a Lyft driver bonus 2018.

Lyft Driver Bonus 2018

Sign up as a new Lyft driver and get up to a $200 bonus when you use this link (or referral code TOP50).

The way you earn depends on what city you’re driving in. For Los Angeles, you’ll get a $1.50 additional bonus (like a tip) for every ride you do, up to $150.

Lyft Driver Bonus 2017: Get a $200 bonus when you sign up as a driver with the code LUCY343

Earn More by Referring Friends to Lyft

Whether you’re a rider or a driver, you can earn cash by referring new people to use Lyft. If you’re a rider, you can either earn credit by referring friends through the app. Or, you can become an ambassador and make $10 per new rider.  Sign up here.

If you’re a driver, you can also earn cash from new riders AND from new drivers. Log into your Dashboard for more details. Bonuses for drivers vary by city. And you can create your own promo codes for new riders, up to 5 codes.

Lyft Credit Code 2017

Again, don’t miss out on $50 extra credit with the Lyft Credit Code 2018 deal. Enter WNY in the Promotions section of your app!