Lyft Credit Code San Diego

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Lyft is now in most cities in the US, including San Diego! Use the Lyft Credit Code San Diego  WNY for $50 in free Lyft credit.

Lyft Credit Code San Diego

Lyft really wants to get you hooked on their app. To get started, enter the Lyft credit code San Diego WNY. It will give you $50 in Lyft credit, to use in any city.

Lyft Credit Code San Diego: Use "WNY" for $50 in credit!

How to Activate the Lyft Promo Code San Diego 

Download the Lyft app via a link like this one. Then, click on your account icon (in the top left corner of the screen). Scroll down and you’ll see a section called ‘Promos’. That’s the area you should add the Lyft credit code  WNY. You’ll see the credit added immediately.

Also, while we are technically calling it a Lyft promo code San Diego, it actually works in any city in the US.

To actually use it, just book a ride. You can use $5 of the credit for each of your first 10 rides.

How to Book a Ride (with the San Diego Lyft Code)

If you’ve never used a ridesharing San Diego app before, you’re in for a treat. You do not need to plan or pre-call a Taxi to use Lyft.

When you’re ready for a ride, open the app. Make sure your little locator dot is exactly where you are (or where you’re going to be in a couple minutes). On the left you’ll see a little image of a car—if you click that you can toggle between different ride options. The main one is just called Lyft. You can also get a cheaper ride with a Line ride, but you will be sharing the car with strangers.

If you have extra friends, choose a Plus car (fits 6). And if you want to be fancy, choose a Premier (most expensive).

When you’ve selected which car you want, click “Set Pickup”.

On the next screen you should add your destination. You’ll be able to see a price estimate for your journey as well. Then click “Request Lyft”.

You can watch your ride approach you. When it arrives, simply get in and enjoy the stress-free journey.

When you arrive at your location, simply get out. No need to tip with cash—you tip inside the app (if you want to).

Have fun! And don’t forget to use the San Diego Lyft Code  WNY before you book!

San Diego Lyft Code: Use RIDE411 for $50 in credits (promo code deal)