Long Game Promo Code

Long Game is an app that helps you save money, and rewards you by entering you into a lottery (for up to $1M!). Use the Long Game Promo Code WL4PP7 for 300 free points.

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Long Game Promo Code

Enter the promo code WL4PP7 in the Redeem promo code section. Your account will be granted 300 bonus points immediately.

Long Game Promo Code: Enter WL4PP7 for 300 bonus points in the Long Game App!

Each entry into the lottery is 20 points, so this is 15 free entries!

What is the Long Game App?

The Long Game app is a cool way to encourage you to save money. Attach a bank account, and it creates it’s own in-app bank account for you. Whenever you transfer money to the Long Game savings account (you can do it automatically too), you earn points. The points can then be used to enter a lottery to win real money. Prizes are up to $1M each week.

The lottery game looks a lot like the regular lottery—you pick 6 numbers plus a bonus “animal”. If your selection matches the number picked in the drawing, you win!