Lending Club Bonus

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Lending Club is America’s top credit marketplace—find a loan, or invest and start earning money with solid returns. Get a $150 Lending club bonus when you sign up using this referral link.

What’s the Lending Club Bonus?

This $150 Lending Club promotion is available when you sign up via a referral link like this one. It will score you a sweet $150 bonus when you deposit at least $5000 for investing. Woohoo!

Lending Club Bonus: Get a $150 Sign up Bonus

Lending Club Investor Reviews

I haven’t used LendingClub yet, so you should take my Lending Club investor reviews with a grain of salt. I did explore it a lot, as there was the amazing Lending Club sign up bonus going on (click here for the $150 deal). I have also checked out a ton of other reviews of the site.

First—the sign up bonus: To score the deal, you have to invest at least $5000 with Lending Club. Just a heads up: You have to have an annual gross income of at least $70k in order to invest with LendingClub.

Lending Club Bonus: Get $150 at LendingClub!

I personally read a ton of Lending club investor reviews, such as this great one, which includes a tutorial video. The basic summary of all reviews I read is—diversify, diversify, diversify. Don’t stack all your investment in a few different places—spread small amounts ALL over the fucking place. Less risk=better long term returns.

I’ll sign up soon and see how worthwhile it is, using the strategies I’ve read about. If you’ve used Lending Club and have a review you’d like to share, please contact us or post below in the comments!

Here’s the deal one more time:

Get a Lending Club bonus of $150 free when you SIGN UP VIA THIS LINK and invest $5000 with LendingClub.