Kranse Institute Discount Code

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The Kranse Institute offers an awesome SAT and PSAT prep course. Plus, get 30% off when you use the Kranse Institute Discount Code LIVELY30.

Get 30% off the Kranse Institute Prep Course with code

Get 30% off the Kranse Institute Prep Course with code

Kranse Institute Discount Code

During checkout, be sure to enter the discount code LIVELY30. Hit apply, and you should see 30% automatically taken off your final price. Seeing as how the course is currently listed at $499, this gives you a discount of $149!

Details about the Kranse Institute SAT Prep Course

The Kranse Institute course is designed to keep students engaged and inspired. It is broken down into a plethora of 10-minute videos that keep the students from getting distracted. And you can access them for up to 18 months, which gives you the option to essentially take the SAT 9 different times.

Their students on average have been known to raise their score 210 points, and they even offer a score improvement guarantee which seems unrivaled in the SAT prep industry.

Plus! You can access the course on any digital device, so it’s really easy to fit in a 10 minute video here and there. Waiting for the bus ride home? Watch a video. Early for meeting up with friends? Watch a video. Or just schedule in one video a night to spread out the learning and ensure it all sinks in.

Getting the 30% Discount

You can get 30% off when you use the Kranse Institute Coupon Code LIVELY30.

But there’s also another way—you can refer friends to Kranse and give them 30% off. When they use it, you also get 30% off! Win win, especially if you have lots of friends looking to take the course too.

If you end up using the coupon code we shared, let us know in the comments below. We’d also love to hear of your experience with the Kranse Institute, as we haven’t personally taken their course.