Kidizen Invite Code

Kidizen is an awesome online marketplace for lightly used children’s clothing. Plus, get $5 in free credit when you use the Kidizen Invite Code: WONDER.

Kidizen Invite Code

Again, be sure to enter the Kidizen Invite Code: WONDER in order to get $5 in free credit as a new user.

Plus, once you’ve signed up for an account you can actually refer friends and earn 20% of everything your friend makes in their first 30 days selling on the app. You’ll get assigned a Kidizen referral code and you can use that to share with your following, friends and family.

Kidizen Invite Code | Get $5 free with the referral code: WONDER

More about Kidizen

Kidizen is a really cool concept. Basically, the idea is that its a bit crazy to buy new clothing for your kids when they are constantly outgrowing everything. But at the same time—you want your kids to look good and have high quality stuff. And that’s where Kidizen comes in! You can buy or sell kids clothing on there and end up spending very little keeping your kids dressed well.

It’s great if you just need certain clothes for a few months—buy them used on Kidizen and then sell them again, and you might even almost break even! Or, if you’ve already decked out your kids’ closets with high-end new clothing, when its time to get rid of them you should consider posting them to Kidizen. It’s much better than just throwing them away (and you’ll get more than selling them at a yard sale)!

Kidizen Promo Code

Again, be sure to enter the Kidizen Promo Code: WONDER when you sign up. It’ll get you $5 in free cash. And then share your own Kidizen referral code with all your friends!