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Intuit Quickbooks helps you run your small business more smoothly. Keep track of spendings, taxes, payroll and more with a Quickbooks online account. Click here for 50% off.

Get up to 50% off at Intuit

Get up to 50% off at Intuit

Intuit Discount Code for the 2017 Tax Year (Intuit)

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This Intuit discount code works for the tax year 2016 or 2017, and will get you between 20%-50% off, depending on what product/service you purchase. Simply click the Intuit referral code link above.Intuit Discount Code 2017: Get 50% off with the Quickbooks coupon code

Intuit Review (and the Intuit Referral Code)

I’ve personally been using Quickbooks online for one of my small businesses for over a year now. I know you probably didn’t come to this blog post for a Quickbooks review, but rather for that sweet Intuit coupon code deal (click here if you missed the link above). But still, I thought I’d share my two cents in case you’re still on the fence about signing up.

I’m a stubborn guy, so I pigheadedly avoided changing the way I do taxes for ages. I did it manually each year, amid much hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing. Finally, a friend of mine took a look at my accounts and basically told me I was an idiot. “Sign up for a free trial, and if you hate it you can punch me”, are his exact words, I believe. Sounded like a pretty fun gamble, so I did it.

He sent me his Intuit promo code link (guess he had some self-interest involved too?), and I signed up for a Simple account. I was expecting a nightmare of confusing horror once I got to the dashboard—but it was peaceful. I was greeted with an organized, UI-friendly environment, which calmly prompted me to add my credit card and business bank accounts, and told me that they’d try and take care of categorizing my expenses for me. Say. What.

Quickbooks referral code: 50% off Intuit Promo Code 2017

The algorithm is pretty damn accurate—most of my expenses were categorized correctly, and the ones that were uncategorized were actually kind of fun to sort.

I feel pretty dumb about being so resistant. I’m not even sad that I don’t get to punch my friend.

Now I’m paying monthly, but it’s much cheaper than normal due to that Intuit Discount code I got going on.

Would love to hear your opinion about Quickbooks online once you sign up!

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