Innclusive Coupon Code

Innclusive is an awesome new vacation rental service that focuses on inclusive and welcoming places to stay. Plus, you can get $20 off your first rental when you sign up using an Innclusive Coupon Code referral link, like this one right here!

Innclusive Coupon Code

Use this referral link to get $20 in Innclusive travel credit.

Innclusive Coupon Code: Use this referral link to get $20 free travel credit on your first Innclusive stay!

Plus, when you sign up, you can get your own Innclusive coupon code to share with your friends and family. Each time one of them signs up and travels, you earn $20 in travel credit yourself! Plus, you can get $80 if they list their own apartment on the site! That’s $100 in potential credit for every new friend you introduce to the service.

What is Innclusive All About?

We only just got to know Innclusive (thanks to Cool Cousin actually), and it’s really refreshing and exciting. According to their “Our Story” section, it’s creation was based on the personal experiences of the founder (who is black), when he tried to book certain Airbnb rentals and kept getting turned down. Curious about why, he had a Caucasian friend try to book the exact same dates and they kept getting accepted.

He realized that racism was playing a huge role on some Airbnb listings and realized he needed to set out and create a space where that wouldn’t occur. And thus Innclusive is born!

The layout is a lot like Airbnb, with similar listings….minus the ones that discriminate against others because of race, orientation, religion. It’s aimed at being an all inclusive wholesome rental site, where you can go on a vacation without the fear of being discriminated against, or of not being able to rent places in the first place.

And again, don’t forget to sign up via this $20 link (and score $20 in Innclusive coupon code credit).