Infinit Nutrition Coupon Code

Infinit Nutrition is a shop for endurance athletes. Get 10% off with the Infinit Nutrition Coupon Code : INFINIT-1CJ2L

Infinit Nutrition Coupon Code

Get a 10% discount on your first order with the Infinit Nutrition Coupon Code: INFINIT-1CJ2L

Infinit Nutrition Review

I don’t usually review performance websites. I also don’t usually buy the products. But I decided to do a website Infinit Nutrition review, just to give you an overview of what they sell. is unique in that you can customize your own formula. I mean, you can also buy preset formulas, but the customization is what I find interesting. They speak with you one on one over the phone, for free. The resulting custom formula is based on your training, body, and goals, and is unique to you.

At the end of the personal consultation you receive a link to purchase the custom formula. Be sure to use the Infinit coupon INFINIT-1CJ2L to score that 10% discount. On a $40(ish) product it’s a nice little discount.

The customized formula ships quickly. Comment on this post to let us know what you think if you purchase.

Check out to get your own custom formula using this link.

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Remember to Use the Infinit Nutrition Coupon Code:  INFINIT-1CJ2L

Use the code INFINIT-1CJ2L for 10% off your order!