Imperfect Foods Coupon Code

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Imperfect Foods sends a box of imperfect fruits and veggies from the farm to your doorstep. Get $80 off with the coupon code below:

Get $80 off at Imperfect

Use the discount link to receive a $20 discount off first four boxes at Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods Coupon Code

So currently Imperfect Produce will give you a $80 discount if you use the coupon code above.

You’ll be credited with a $20 off Imperfect Foods coupon code towards your first four boxes. .

Also! Once you’re all signed up, you can refer your own friends and earn $30 per new signup. Win, win.

What is Imperfect Foods?

We’re in love with Imperfect Foods. Somehow it’s just kinda…perfect.

Imperfect Foods is a farm to table veggie and fruit box. But it’s a tad different. They send only imperfect produce—the ones that the regular grocery stores don’t want. But it’s just superficial imperfections—the actual fruits/veggies are perfectly fine to eat. And they’re straight from the farm, so they’re extra delicious.

You can get a wide variety of different weekly box options. Their lowest price is $11-13 per week, and includes 7-9 lbs of ugly fruits and veggies. 7-9 pounds! That’s less than $2 per pound, for farm fresh produce!

Their largest produce box is $25-27 per week (or $39-43 for organic). This one includes 23-25 pounds of fruits and veggies. That’s the equivalent of only $1 per pound. I’m floored.

Imperfect Foods Referral

Again, be sure to use this link when signing up.

Currently the Imperfect Foods referral program is in it’s early stages. Credit will be applied shortly after you sign up. And then you can go ahead and work your own magic with your own Imperfect Foods referral code!