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Get $25 off with code: free7b6

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So currently the Hopper Travel app is giving new users a $25 bonus if they use the Hopper App Promo Code: free7b6. It’s part of their referral program to gain new users.

Also! Once you’re all signed up, you can refer your own friends and earn $15-50 every time someone signs up using your Hopper Promo code. Win, win.

What is the Hopper App?

We’re in love with the Hopper app!

Hopper is an app which helps you find the best prices on hotels and flights. Their motto is for you to “spend less, and travel better”. They focus on predicting fares and nightly rates so you can choose when to travel so it fits best within your budget.

The UI is really simple and they offer tons of discounts and rewards just for traveling like you normally would. You can also invite friends to earn unlimited rewards. If they enter your Hopper referral code, you’ll get $15 and they’ll get $15 too. Once you have referred 10 friends, you can give them $25 and you’ll get $50!

Remember, use the Hopper referral code: free7b6.