Hooch Hong Kong

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Hooch is a free-drink-a-day app that only requires a small membership fee. Now available in Hong Kong!
Visit Hooch.co and use the promo code HAPPY10 for a discount.

Hooch Hong Kong

Hooch has been an app favorite of residents in New York, LA and SF (and other cities) for some years now. But recently, Hooch has expanded across the Pacific and is now available in Hong Kong!

Normally pricing for membership is $88.88 HKD/month (which is less than the price of one drink)—but you can get a steep discount on your first month by using the Hooch discount code HAPPY10.

Hooch Hong Kong: Use the discount code HAPPY10 for a discount on your first month

How does Hooch Work?

Hooch is a way for bars and restaurants to try and pique the interest of new customers. By placing themselves on the Hooch app, these bars will have an influx of young customers that are willing to try new things. Though their first drink may be free, many people often stay for a second drink or food—and are more likely to re-visit a place that they’ve already been to.

As a customer, the benefit is obvious. You get to try new places, and new cocktails that you might not have chosen. You pay nothing for each drink—only the monthly cost, plus a tip. Usually when I get a Hooch drink I pay double what I’d normally tip. This is because I want the bar to continue staying on the Hooch app.

How to use a Hooch Discount Code

The Hooch Discount Code HAPPY10 can be used during signup, when you’re entering your payment information. It normally gives US customers their first month for $1. I’m not sure of the exact discount for customers in Hong Kong, but I imagine it’s equivalent.