Home Chef Coupon Code

Home Chef Coupon Code: Get a $30 Home Chef discount plus read our Homechef.com reviews!

Home Chef delivers delicious, ready to make meal ingredients and recipes to your door, every week.

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Home Chef Coupon Code: Get a $30 Home Chef discount plus read our Homechef.com reviews!

Home Chef Coupon Code

We did a search high and low and found this $30 off discount (2 free meals) is the best HomeChef coupon available right now.

HomeChef.com Reviews

Since we haven’t yet ordered from Home Chef, we have compiled reviews we’ve found on other websites and consolidated the gist here.

User 1:
I cook only on occasion normally, so this whole cooking three-meals-a-week thing with Home Chef was pushing my limits. However, I did find that the meals were all decently speedy to make, felt light and were all really tasty—so I got by with the cooking stuff. In terms of the types of dishes I had to make: I had tried two of the dishes before at restaurants, but one of them was totally new—and so yummy that I kept the recipe card for potential future use.
Overall, I liked Home Chef, and found it to be yummier than HelloFresh.

Home Chef Coupon Code: Get $30 Off with a HomeChef Coupon!

User 2:
I actually cook most dinners, regardless of whether or not I have a pre-packaged box of ingredients. It’s enjoyable cooking my three meals from Home Chef, but overall found that my creativity was a little bit limited. I kinda prefer to decide myself what I’m going to cook and what sort of random things I’m going to throw into my dishes. It’s not as fun if you have a perfect picture of what you’re aiming for already. I like to be surprised at what I end up with. Regardless, the dishes were yummy and easy to make, so if you’re not usually a cook but want to learn, HomeChef is a good way to start.

User 3:
I was drawn in by the Home Chef discount deal, but stuck around for the fun packages in the mail every week. I usually invited a friend over to help cook, and cracked open a beer at the same time. Made for easy cooking with friends—no hard decisions and no real easy way to go wrong.

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