HelloFresh Promo Code

HelloFresh is a cooking delivery service that sends you meal ingredients to make delicious recipes each week. Let’s get cooking! Use the HelloFresh Promo Code FIH-LGYCRKW5850V for $40 off your order!

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HelloFresh Promo Code

Click this link to access two free meals (worth $40) or use the HelloFresh promo code FIH-LGYCRKW5850V.

It’s such a fun way to get cooking multiple days a week, and to try out a ton of new recipes you never would have thought to try. Plus, with the HelloFresh promo code, it’s an insanely good deal for the first week, so it’s worth a little test.

HelloFresh Promo Code: Use coupon FIH-LGYCRKW5850V for $40 off your meal delivery

HelloFresh Review

I’ve been getting HelloFresh for about 5 months now (I also get Plated!). It arrives once a week on my doorstep, all full of ice and nice and fresh. It contains three meals, each with enough food for 2 people (sometimes it actually is enough for more!)


  • It gets us to cook more than we normally would
  • We try out new recipes we’d never think to try
  • Recipe instructions are really easy
  • Each meal is packaged in a really tidy little stackable fridge box, so it’s not hard to store while you’re waiting to cook it
  • I don’t have to go grocery shopping as often
  • I’m eating healthier (the meals feel pretty clean usually, not too saucy or processed)
  • I can refer friends to earn free meals


  • It’s a bit stressful getting so much packaging—the box, ice packs, bubble wrap, and individual baggies for each ingredient is really wasteful. I feel guilty every time.
  • It’s not the cheapest thing ever—it would be cheaper to buy individual ingredients at the store.

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It’s definitely worth giving a shot for a week, especially with the $40 discount with the coupon code (subscriptions are normally $69). Let’s cook something delicious!