Handy Storage: Manhattan Storage On Demand

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Handy.com now presents their newest service: Handy Storage for Manhattan Storage on demand. Use Handy to pick up and store your possessions of all sizes.

If you’re in need of item storage and want something on demand, you’re now in luck. Until now Handy.com only provided home services such as cleaning and repair. Now Handy Storage will take care of storing your goods, with on-demand pickup. Click here to activate a $100 coupon (enter code FREE1A if the link doesn’t work).

Handy Storage Promo Code

Get $100 off of 3-months of storage with this Handy Storage promo code link by clicking here. With this you can try out a couples months of storage with little risk. The cheapest option is $49/month.

The best thing about Handy is both the ease and pricing of their storage options. Especially when you compare both with traditional furniture storage options. See below for a price comparison of other Manhattan Storage options, for a 10×10 space.

Handy Storage Promo Code: See Manhattan Storage Pricing Comparisons

Handy Storage Review, Aka. My Favorite Manhattan Storage Option

I’ve used Handy a TON of times to hire cleaning people, plumbers, and general repairmen. I’ve had a good experience in general. One time the repairman took a longer time than I thought necessary. (He was paid hourly—and who takes 9 hours to paint a bathroom?). Another time the cleaning lady left noticeable scratches on our hardwood.

But considering how many times we’ve used the service, I’m happy with Handy and continue to use them.

So I was pretty excited to look into their new offering and do a Handy Storage review. Especially when I checked into other Manhattan Storage pricing and got a nasty shock.

In general, storage is pretty expensive. You can see the above chart for a pretty simple breakdown of the cost of a 10×10 space. In case you don’t really know how big that is, it’s enough for a normal 1-bedroom apartment.

I was super excited when I found that there was a $100 discount on the first 3 months with Handy. For a smallish space, it was normally $100/month—so the code gets you over 30% off.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but once you start your booking they explain the whole process. You book a time for movers to come, in a one-hour window. It isn’t quite Storage On Demand—you have to set it up for a later time, much like other Handy Services. I went through a mock purchase for a Saturday afternoon.

Manhattan Storage: Use our Coupon Code for $100 off, and read our Handy Storage Review

I am not yet ready to move, so I haven’t yet placed the order. But when you do, you should mainly packed up the stuff you want moved. The movers do bring boxes, tape and packaging material to help ensure everything is packaged up all safely. Note: they won’t disassemble furniture for you.

They will take all your stuff down stairs/hallways without you having to worry. The storage facility is in Hudson County, NJ. There isn’t an option to visit your stuff—you have to schedule it to be re-delivered if you want any of it. So don’t store holiday decorations or anything like that over there!

I am soon hoping to store an old desk, couch, some trunks and large frames. Then I won’t be needing them until I change apartments, so I’ll be in no rush to grab them.

Overall, Handy Storage sounds like an efficient service, and my new favorite Manhattan storage option.

Again, that Handy Storage On Demand Discount:

Click here for a $100 coupon.