Handy Discount Code

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Handy.com is a place to book home cleaning services, handymen and plumbers online in less than 90 seconds. Click here to get 15% off your first cleaning!

We have a Handy Discount code just for you:

Handy Discount Code: Click here for 15% off your first cleaning!

Handy is an interesting concept—an on-demand service for all the things in life you don’t really want to deal with—like plumbing, cleaning, fixing things, painting and moving house. You name it, they probably have someone who can help you.

The Handy discount code we have available (exclusive to us, woohoo!), gets you a 3-4 hour cleaning for 15% off. It’s a handy deal if you just want to give the service a try.

I have, however, heard pretty varying reports on people’s experience with Handy.com. It sounds like it depends entirely on how lucky you are with the person who shows up at your house. If they suck, things go poorly, and it doesn’t sound like Handy has the best customer service reputation for when things go wrong (see Yelp).

Handy Discount Code : Use FREECREDIT9301 for $35 off. What a handy deal!

However, I’ve heard of lots of people who have gotten really lucky in finding a great cleaner, and they’ve just continued to book the same person and are very satisfied.

So I can’t quite recommend the service either way—it’s a bit of a gamble. But we do have the Handy discount code FREECREDIT9301 to make it a little less of a tough decision!

Handy Discount Code : Use FREECREDIT9301 for $35 off. What a handy deal!

How Handy Works

  1. Head on over to Handy.com or download the app on iTunes or Google Play
  2. Choose your service, select the number of hours you need, and book a time.
  3. Enter code FREECREDIT9301 for free credit!
  4. Wait for your Handy service person to arrive
  5. That’s it!

Handy is currently serving

  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • And more (actually, in most major cities in the US, Canada and the UK!)

If you do book a service, definitely contact me to let me know how it goes. And don’t forget to get that handy deal with our Handy discount code:

Handy Discount Code: FREECREDIT9301