Hamptons Lane Coupon Code

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Hamptons Lane is a subscription for artisan kitchen tools, ingredients, and recipes for a really unique night of cooking.

Hamptons Lane Coupon Code

Get $10 off your first month of artisan cooking supplies via this link.

Hamptons Lane Review

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you know that I really love me a good ole subscription box. I also quite enjoy cooking a nice meal. A Hampton’s Lane subscription is a really fun and unique way to combine the two.

My roommate ordered her first box a few months ago, using the Hamptons Lane Coupon Code GIFTS10 ($10 off baby!), and selected this box (taco party!). Consecutive months were a surprise, but her first one she got to choose.

It arrived a week or so later, and we set about to making a fun dinner with it! She got a tortilla press in the kit, so we invited some friends over for a taco night. Grabbed some chicken from the store, whipped up some fajita ingredients in a cast-iron skillet. Then we pressed our own mother-f***ing tortillas! It was sweet.

I had a great time and am looking forward to the next box!

Hamptons Lane Coupon Code : Use GIFTS10 for $10 off!

How Hamptons Lane Works

  1. Head on over to Hamptons Lane to check out their subscriptions box options.
  2. Select one box that you like the look of (no surprise the first month)
  3. Go through checkout, and sign up for a subscription.
  4. You’ll receive your selected box the first month, and then a different, surprise box each month after that.

This subscription seriously is a lot of fun—plus you end up with some really sweet kitchen tools at the end of it all.  I haven’t found as good a Hamptons Lane coupon code link like this one, so definitely give it a shot!