Google Express Promo Code

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Google Express delivers items to you SAME DAY. Plus, get a $10 credit when you use the Google Express promo code XYZ10 during signup.

Google Express Promo Code

Use the coupon code XYZ10 during signup to get an instant $10 credit applied to your account. That could get you 3 boxes of cereal for free (or something else, guess I’m just hungry right now)!

Google Express Promo Code: Get $10 with the Google Express referral program

Google Express Vs Amazon Prime

If you’re wondering what the differences are between Google Express vs Amazon Prime, you’re not the only one. We wondered it too. So we found out!

The main differences are—Google Express delivers items from major retail stores. Amazon has the items in their own warehouses and send them straight from there. Otherwise things are somewhat the same—similar yearly price, same sharing benefits, free shipping for certain orders.

Google Express

  • $95/year (first 3 months free)
  • Free same day delivery for eligible orders (if it reaches the store minimum)
  • Buy directly from popular chain stores
  • Share the membership with your household members
  • Get $10 free when you sign up with the code XYZ10

Amazon Prime

  • $99/year (first 30 days free)
  • Free same day delivery for eligible orders
  • Free 2 day delivery for most other orders
  • Many orders are fulfilled by Amazon itself
  • Share the membership with your household members
  • Get $5 free when you signup using this link

Google Express Referral Program

Actually both Amazon Prime and Google Express have referral programs. With the Google Express one, once you’re a member, they give you a Google Express referral code that you can send out to friends. Or share on Instagram, or whatever. Then, your referred friends get a $10 credit when they sign up. And when that happens, you also get a $10 credit on your account. The earnings are unlimited (I think).

Amazon Prime gives you a referral link, and it earns you a $5 Amazon credit for each new friend signup. So it’s not as good, but still not bad.

Here’s our Amazon Prime referral link.

Here’s our Google Express referral code: XYZ10