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GoldBely Promo Code: Get $15

For your first order at GoldBely, be sure to use the Goldbely promo donut519 to score a nice $15 off the order total. You can either click this link to automatically credit your account, or youenter the code during checkout.

GoldBely Review

I’m big into food. Period. And I don’t mind if I spend most of my paycheck on it.

This is an important point. To begin with, Goldbely is NOT for thrifty folk. It’s a high-end, gourmet food marketplace. Prices not only hit the ceiling, but explode through it, into the sky and beyond to the stars.

I’m talking about $90 for a 1.5lb FlatIron steak. Granted, it’s Kobe beef, but I think you still get what I mean. $30 for 6 cupcakes. $80 for 2 pounds of bacon. So yeah.

Anyway, that being said—I am still down. To start, there is an awesome GoldBely promo code that gets you $15 off your first order (click here or enter DONUT519 to activate it).

So! On to the GoldBely review. This review is on behalf of a friend, who I was with when she opened her package. She purchased some steaks, cured salami, and some cookies. Just to get a bit of an overview.

The food comes with ice packs and arrives quickly. All the stuff was super super fresh. We made the beef the same night it arrived, since that’s the best time to cook expensive steak. Or any steak for that matter, but we were damned if we were going to have this fancy kind be anything less than perfect.

Oh. My. Goodness. The steak was delicious. I mean, out of this world. I’m not even sure I could buy this type of steak at Whole Foods even if I wanted to. It was just that fancy and delicious (and expensive). For that reason alone I’d buy from Goldbely myself. It’s not only easy, but it’s maybe impossible to get the same foods anywhere else near my house.

The other items were also delicious.

The thing I like most about GoldBely is the way you can navigate the site by region of the US. If you know what you like, you can explore the various options of food types by zone. Mmm midwestern meats, happy days.

Hope you enjoyed my GoldBely review—I’d love to hear your thoughts too!

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Get $15 off your order with the Goldbely coupon code donut519