The Fresh Diet Promo Code

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The Fresh diet is a meal delivery service that sends delicious, healthy meals to your door every day!

Fresh Diet Promo Code

Like a lot of the other food delivery services (like HelloFresh, or Love with Food), the discount comes from a referral link, which you can access here. The link will get you $20 off your first 7-day order, which is currently the best deal on the market (you can’t find another deal from their website).

The Fresh Diet Reviews

I’ve been a big fan of Hello Fresh for awhile now, which essentially sends you the ingredients and instructions for 6 weekly meals, every week. In general all the meals are healthy, under 45 minutes to cook, and range from well-known favorites to new and exciting dishes from around the world.

I also have had food delivered from Hamptons Lane, which does a fun variety of foods that are more appropriate for a fun party atmosphere. Plus, Munchery is a current favorite, which is a more instantaneous food delivery service that sends a meal the day you want it.

I mention these things because I’ve tried a bunch of meal delivery services. From what I’ve seen (I haven’t yet ordered, but have talked to friends who have), I think The Fresh Diet is going to be another great one. As a non-beliver in dieting, anything with the word diet in it is naturally terrifying. However, the food that is delivered with The Fresh Diet apparently doesn’t taste like what most people think diet food tastes like. It is fresh, satisfying and delicious. I think it’s mainly because they don’t resort to using sauces to make things flavorful, instead relying on spices, lemon, and garlic. Soooo good.

The Fresh Diet Promo Code : Get $20 off plus read reviews

As you can see, all the meals are healthy yet delicious, and range across the food spectrum—spanning different ethnic foods, meat (and vegetarian), and hitting all your craving needs. Try The Fresh Diet here.