SwagBucks Sign Up Code

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Swagbucks lets you earn real gift cards, fast. Earn by completing surveys, watching videos, shopping, and more! Get a $5 bonus at SwagBucks by using this SwagBucks Sign Up Code link.

SwagBucks Sign Up Code: $5 Free SwagBucks

To get the most Free Swagbucks, make sure you register for the site via this link. It will mean you’re eligible for a whopping $5 bonus free Swagbucks, once you’ve earned 2500. It’s the best SwagBucks codes deal out there. So don’t make the mistake of registering without a referral link.

What are SwagBucks Codes?

You can earn SwagBucks in many ways. Watch mini videos, usually from sponsors, and give your feedback. You can take surveys of varying lengths. You’ll get rewarded with an equal number of Swagbucks based on time.

You can go about your normal shopping, and earn Swagbucks that way as well. I was curious as to how SwagBucks is making money from this setup, so looked into it. Turns out they have a partnership with different vendors, and earn commission on your purchases. But then they pass a portion of their commissions back to you—a win win.

Also—you can enter SwagBucks codes, for extra bonuses. Our Swagbucks promo code HAPPY70 is one example. Enter that during signup and you automatically receive 70SB, right away!

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Sign up for SwagBucks via this link to automatically be eligible for 500 bonus SwagBucks. You get the $5 SwagBucks when you earn 2500 in the first 60 days. AND be sure to enter the SwagBucks sign up code Happy70 for an extra 70 free Swagbucks!