Flaviar Coupon Code

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Flaviar is a liquor subscription for trying premium spirits. Get a new tasting pack every month!

Flaviar Coupon Code

Get 10% off your first spirit subscription via this discount link! Works instead of a Flaviar coupon code.

It’s a great discount for giving it a shot (harhar) to see if this is your kinda thing. My suggestion would be to order your first tasting pack (this one is my favorite!) in time for a small party. That way, you can all have little tastes, take notes, and enjoy the experience of trying some new fancy liquors together.

UPDATE: The above coupon no longer is valid. We will update when it is valid again.

Flaviar Coupon Code : Get 10% off your alcohol trial subscription!

My Flaviar Review

I was lucky enough to receive a free sample tasting pack from Flaviar to do a review for y’all. And then I still had the option to use that Flaviar coupon code for my next month! I choose the Scotch tasting pack, as I’m trying to become a fancy old-fashioned gentleman.

It arrived about a week later, packaged neatly in a little box, with the alcohol in awesome test tube-type thingies. There were all kinds of neat, respectable brands of whisky in there. I mean, man! Where else can you get cool tastings of fancy liquor? I’ve only ever seen little bottles at the airport, and then it’s just the basic crappy brands. This is a new beast all together.

I sat down with some friends (I wish we had pipes) and proceeded to taste each one and have a fantastic time. I wrote down notes and now I feel a little more knowledgeable. Next time I go somewhere sophisticated I’ll have an idea of what Scotch I’ll like!

Flaviar Coupon Code : Use code FAIRIVY10 for 10% off

How Flaviar works

  1. Head on over to Flaviar and sign up for a subscription and choose your first tasting pack! Don’t forget to use the Flaviar coupon code link.
  2. Wait eagerly for the mail to arrive.
  3. Organize a little party and have everyone taste your new spirits. Too much fun.
  4. Do it all again the following month!
  5. If you want to order any full-sized bottles of something you tried, Flaviar also sells them on their site!

It’s definitely a fun little treat every month. Especially if you want to understand liquor a bit better but don’t want to head to the bar and drop tons of cash (or even the grocery store).