Farm to People Promo Code 2016

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The lovely Farm to People Curated subscription box will send you handpicked gourmet foods from only the best producers. Click here to get $10 off via our Farm to People Promo Code link.

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Farm to People Promo Code link for a $10 discount

Farm to People Review

Farm to People has a few different subscription boxes, their main one being the Tasting Box. The Farm to People Tasting box contains an assortment of different goodies, whether it be yummy jams, fiery sweets or organic natural body care supplies. Each of the items is hand picked to go with the theme of the box, guaranteed to be the best quality, GMO free, and humanely gathered.

The Farm to People Tasting Box has two options: A Casual Foodie Box  which has 3-4 goodies each month, or the Food Critic box which does 5-8. If you love trying out new goodies then I recommend paying the $49.95/month for the Food Critic box, otherwise stick to the casual foodie box which only runs you $29.95/month. Don’t forget, with our Farm to People Promo Code HERE, you get an extra $10 off your order!

I liked the idea of the Food Critic, especially with the $10 discount. The theme for the first box was spicy, and Farm to People definitely tries to tingle your taste buds. For sweets, they included spicy chocolate, hot pecans, and a caramel that was to die for. Each of the ingredients for the sweets was 100 percent natural, and it was amazing how few there were! For savory they had a sriracha mayonnaise, a raspberry jalapeno jam, and some Cayenne crispy chickpeas!  There was also some type of orange crush sauce.

Farm to People Coupon Code 2016: Get $10 free plus read Farm to People reviews!


It was my pleasure to do a Farm to People Review, I love when people surprise me with yummy foods. Farm to People does a great job picking their items, and it is a lot of fun to look up where each one came from. Some of the delicious food creators have some amazing stories of their own. I recommend trying it out, even if you only get 3-4 items a month with the Casual Food Box. Remember to click HERE to get $10 off your box with our Farm to People Promo Code!

P.S. If you live in New York, make sure to try out their Farm Box which delivers fresh, locally grown produce right to your doorstep. It’s almost enough to make me move to New York.

Farm to People Promo Code 2016: Get $10 free plus read Farm to People reviews!